Data Analysis, Modeling & Simulation Using Excel Course




8th to 12th Jan 2024


5th to 9th Feb 2024


4th to 8th March 2024


1st to 5th April 2024


6th to 10th May 2024


3rd to 7th June 2024


1st to 5th July 2024


5th to 9th Aug 2024


2nd to 6th Sept 2024


7th to 11th Oct' 2024


4th-8th Nov' 2024


2nd to 6th Dec 2024


This course is about Statistics and Data Analysis using Excel. The course will teach you the advanced concepts related to Statistics and Data Analysis, and help you in applying these concept. Various examples and data-sets will be used and then we will show you how to use Microsoft Excel to perform these calculations.

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used analytics, reporting and strategy software. Becoming an expert data analyst requires you to have mastery of advanced Excel skills. This course is aimed at taking your excel skills to the next level. You will be able to apply complex functions within Excel to manage, manipulate, analyze and visualize data.

Course Objective:

o   Descriptive and Inferential Statistics.

o   Statistical calculations.

o   Understand statistics from basic to advance using excel


5 days

Who should attend?

Statistician, analyst, or a budding data scientist and beginners who want to learn how to analyze data with excel.

Course content

o   Statistics Introduction and Definitions

o   Types of Data in Excel - Text, Numbers, Date/Time, Logical

o   Qualitative vs Quantitative Data / Continuous vs Discrete

o   Nominal, Ordinal, Interval & Ratio

o   Population and Sample (Theory)

o   Understanding Data Types

o   Understanding Formulas and Functions

o   Relative vs Absolute Reference

o   Formulas, Functions and Named Ranges

o   Descriptive Statistics

o   Section Introduction - Descriptive Statistics

o   Descriptive Statistics - Central Tendency

o   Descriptive Statistics - Variation

o   Installing Data Analysis Pack and Calculating Descriptive Statistics

o   Descriptive Statistics - Central Tendency

o   Descriptive Statistics - Variation (Excel)

o   Descriptive Statistics - Shapes

o   Descriptive Statistics

o   Data Visualization

o   Three commonly used Charts

o   Create Histogram

o   Histogram Shapes

o   Create Box and Whisker Plot

o   Scatter Diagram

o   Create Scatter Plot

o   Data Visualization

o   Introduction to Basic Probability Concepts

o   Basic Probability Concepts

o   Calculate Factorial, Permutations and Combinations

o   Basic Probability Concepts

o   Probability Distributions

o   Central Limit Theorem Demonstration

o   Normal Probability Distribution

o   Binomial Probability Distribution

o   Other Distributions Related to Binomial Distribution

o   Poisson Distribution

o   Probability Distributions

o   Introduction Hypothesis Testing

o   Hypothesis Testing - Types of Errors

o   Hypothesis Testing Explained

o   Tests for Mean, Variance and Proportions

o   One Sample z Test

o   Two Tail Example

o   Understanding the p Value

o   Introduction to T Functions

o   One Sample t Test - Example

o   One Sample p Test

o   Two Sample z Test

o   Two Sample t Test - Equal Variance

o   Two Sample t Test - Unequal Variance

o   Two Sample t Test - Paired t Test

o   Two Sample p Test

o   Introduction Tests for Variance (F and Chi Square)

o   F Test to Compare Variances

o   Plotting F Distribution

o   F Distribution Related Functions

o   F.TEST Function

o   F Test Using Data Analysis Pack

o   Chi Square Test for Variance

o   Plotting Chi Square Distribution

o   Chi Square Distribution Related Functions

o   Chi Square Test

o   Introduction to ANOVA

o   Understanding the concept of ANOVA

o   Formulas and calculations in ANOVA

o   Performing ANOVA

o   Two Factor ANOVA without Replication

o   Two Factor ANOVA with Replication

o   Goodness of Fit and Contingency Table

o   Introduction Goodness of Fit and Contingency Tables

o   Goodness of Fit Test

o   Contingency Table

o   Correlation and Linear Regression

o   Introduction to Correlation

o   Plotting Scatter Plot and Calculating Correlation Coefficient

o   Correlation Coefficient for Multiple Variables

o   Correlation Related Functions

o   Correlation vs Causation

o   Coefficient of Determination

o   Manual Calculation

o   Slope, Intercept

o   Forecast, Linear, Trend & Linest

o   Regression using Data Analysis Pack

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