Training on Data Management and Analysis Using Excel




8th to 12th Jan 2024


5th to 9th Feb 2024


4th to 8th March 2024


1st to 5th April 2024


6th to 10th May 2024


3rd to 7th June 2024


1st to 5th July 2024


5th to 9th Aug 2024


2nd to 6th Sept 2024


7th to 11th Oct' 2024


4th-8th Nov' 2024


2nd to 6th Dec 2024


This training on data management and analysis using Excel will build the participant’s current Excel skills on the use of Excel’s powerful tools for data management and statistical analysis.

Target Participants

This course is aimed at professionals in different areas of practice who are looking at improving their data management and analysis skills using Excel.

What you will learn

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Analyze relationships across information and data using MS Excel
  • Generate data forecasts using MS Excel
  • Organize data in a more structured manner
  • Analyze data effectively using various MS Excel techniques
  • Apply most appropriate charting technique data

Course Outline

Introduction to Excel Environment

  • Cell referencing, cell formatting and entering formula
  • Variables in Excel
  • Introduction to Excel Tables
  • Filtering data
  • Sorting data
  • Use of conditional formatting

Data Cleaning and manipulation using Excel

  • Importing data into Workbook
  • Move, copy, resize and delete columns and/or rows and/or sheets
  • Format cell contents
  • Clear formatting and cell contents
  • Find and Replace data
  • Cleaning Data with Text Functions

Using PivotTables

  • Running the PivotTable Wizard
  • Pivot Table Field Options
  • Pivot Table Design and Options
  • Building PivotTable Formulas
  • Pivot Charts

Using Charts in Excel

  • Selecting a Chart Type
  • Working with Chart Styles
  • Changing Chart Layout
  • Changing a Chart’s Location
  • Formatting 3-D Charts

Excel Statistic Functions

  • Counting Items in a Data Set
  • Average and Average IF
  • Means, Modes, and Medians
  • Min Max
  • Finding Values, Ranks, and Percentiles
  • Standard Deviations and Variances
  • Normal Distributions

Descriptive Statistics using Excel

  • Using the Excel Analysis tool pack
  • Creating a Histogram
  • Ranking by Percentile
  • Calculating Moving Averages
  • Exponential Smoothing

Inferential Statistics using Excel

  • Using the t-test Data Analysis Tool
  • Performing z-test Calculations
  • Using the Correlation Analysis Tool
  • Using the Regression Data Analysis Tool
  • Using the Covariance Analysis Tool
  • Using the ANOVA Data Analysis Tools
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