The Ideal Legacy of Authentic and Insightful Training. We Offer ​ Training Solutions That ​Positively Impact Performance At Individual And Community Levels & Institutional Outcomes.

​What We Offer

Agriculture Training. We have the best courses to help with agricultural activities both in production and the business aspect.
Positive Health Outcome Training. Our courses are suitable for the health care professionals and the community at large.
Research and Design. Our trainers will train you on quality data management, collection, and data analysis.



Worried that your desired course is not being offered at the moment?

Worry no more, because you can now ​schedule your training at a date that is more suitable for you.


​I enrolled for a course at Uphilos Training Center. They have the best instructors who are very knowledgeable and focused. I enjoyed their teaching, methodology and I definitely give them a 5 star rating.

​Mr. John Adebowale


​Over the course of my 16 years in my profession, I have taken part in more than twenty trainings and workshops. However, training at Uphilos Training Center provided me with a wide range of professionally relevant topics. 

​Emma Alinaswe


​I would like to take this chance to thank you for helping the organization for the latest training of some of our employees. The training was informative and met our expectations. We will obviously have a continuous engagement with you.

​Martin Odhiambo