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Training Services

At Uphilos Consultancy our aim is to create, promote, and foster individual and organizational capacity by developing and through offering an array of diverse trainings and seminars. We enhance staff skills and knowledge with high quality training and professional development.

Consultancy services

Uphilos Consultancy offers unmatched consultancy services that primarily focus on our clients’ needs. We have great partnerships with experts in different fields that will help your organization in tackling any organizational or business challenges and performance issues that necessitate immediate solution and advanced expertise.

Customized training

To come up with informative and up-to date training solutions that are suitable and relevant at each level within a company or organization. We have both public and in-house training that have been developed to meet the specific needs and demands of our clients

Corporate Training

Corporate training programs are proven to benefit both the employees and the employer.
Corporate training and development will help an organization to target performance metrics, increase productivity and outperform competitors.
It also, helps to upskill or in the maintenance of knowledge of job related tasks. 
Employees benefit from career growth chances aligned with the company goals and objectives.

2024 Training plan; customized,
online, and classroom

Uphilos Consultancy training plan 2024 has a variety of scheduled training across a whole spectrum of courses, that are designed and delivered to provide our participants with new knowledge and ideas necessary for improving their skills, & integrating these skills, to fast-track their performance and professional development.

Data Science Training

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High-End In-House

Training Services

Cost Effective: The organization or the individuals will avoid paying hotel and travel costs. Participants will attend the training at the comfort of their offices or the designated training venue of choice.

Higher Returns: Research shows that in-house training has higher returns on investments.

Content Focused on the Organization: The content of the training will be tailor made to suit the company's needs. Besides, the participants will get to discuss confidential information regarding the organization because the training material is company specific

Greater Flexibility: In-house training has greater flexibility because one does not need to disrupt their schedule to attend training. If the organization is interested in training a large group then in-house training is the way to go.

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