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Uphilos Training & Consultancy puts knowledge and man power to work through competent and unrivaled trainers and consultants who are experts in their respective professions.

We are a capacity building and training center that helps people, organizations, and communities to develop and strengthen their capabilities and effectiveness in various sectors through training. We are a successful training and consultancy company that specializes in holding various training seminars. Each year, we have more than 400 scheduled trainings that are performance focused and led by professional facilitators and leading industry experts.

Uphilos Consultancy leads in providing up-to date, informative, and practical training and consultancy on a wide range of GIS, data analysis, Business, Health, Monitoring and evaluation, Project management, IT, Leadership and Management, Finance& Accounting among others.

Company Statement

Our Mission

At Uphilos Consultancy our aim is to create, promote, and foster individual and organizational capacity by developing and through offering an array of diverse trainings and seminars. We enhance staff skills and knowledge with high quality training and professional development.

Our Vision

To come up with informative and up-to date training solutions that are suitable and relevant at each level within a company or organization. We have both public and in-house training that have been developed to meet the specific needs and demands of our clients.

Our Core Values

We believe that integrity and quality comes first. We value team work and we are global as we serve clients from various parts of the world. Our goal is to maintain the industry standards and we make sure that we offer the best high-end training.

 At UPHILOS Training & Consultancy we are committed to    ensure that participants receive the best development to    maximize their potential & talent.


            Email: [email protected]

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