Our Short Courses

Uphilos Training & Consultancy has a dynamic training and professional development schedule that is constantly updated so that all our short courses are addressed at least once every month. We have a variety of courses under each faculty as listed below.  Kindly click on each faculty to find courses that are of interest to you, and if you don't find what you are interested in, call us, WhatsApp us, or email us and we will gladly assist you. +254706345988 [email protected]

Click on the links below to find more courses. Request for course content and we will send it to you right away. 

Economics- click here to View Courses

  1.    Training on Policy Formulation & Implementation
  2.    Training on  Applied Research Methodology in Economic Analysis
  3.    Training on  Macroeconomic Management and Policy Development for Senior Officials
  4.    Training on Labour Market Information Systems
  5.    Training on Tax Policy & Tax Administration
  6.    Training on Risk Assessment & Planning in Revenue Management
  7.    Training on Macroeconomic Policy Management
  8.    Training on Macroeconomic Forecasting & Projections

Humanitarian and Social Development Click to View Courses

  1. Flood Disaster Management in A Changing Climate Course
  2. Training Course on Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation
  3. Training Course on The Importance of Situational Awareness
  4. Training Course on Behavior Change Communication for Health Promotion
  5. Training Course on Sexual Harassment
  6. Training On USAID Regulations
  7. Protecting Children's Health in Emergency and Disasters Training
  8. Training Course on ICT For Disaster Response
  9. Training Course on Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  10. Community Health and Nutrition Training Course
  11. Community Development Training Course
  12. Gender Equity Achievement in Development Projects Course
  13. Public Health in Wash During Emergencies Course
  14. Sustainable Local Economic Development Course
  15. Training on Managing People and Projects During Emergencies
  16. Effective Leadership in Humanitarian Program
  17. Training on Introduction to Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion in Emergencies
  18. Certificate In Managing People and Projects During Emergencies
  19. Training on Effective Leadership in Humanitarian Program
  20. Training on Introduction to Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion in Emergencies
  21. Training On Personal Security for Humanitarians
  22. Training on Introduction to Humanitarian and Relief Work
  23. Training on Managing Teams in Humanitarian Response
  24. Mediation, Grievance Handling and Conflict Management

Safety, and Environmental Management- click here to View Courses

  1. Advanced Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Management 
  2.  Training on Solid Waste Management
  3.  Advanced Environmental Management Programme
  4. Assessing Environmental Impact of Industrialization
  5.  Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
  6. Community Based Natural Resources Planning and Management
  7.  Developing a Community Environmental plan
  8. Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management
  9. Energy Management & Sustainable Development 
  10. Environmental Management Strategies
  11. Environmental Management Systems & Auditing Programme
  12. GIS Application in Planning and Resource Management
  13. Integrated Environmental Management
  14. Integrated Waste Management 
  15.  Integrated Water Resources Management
  16. Introduction to Managing Environmental Data with MS Access
  17. Research Methods For Sanitation
  18. Natural Resource Management
  19. Urban Flood Management and Disaster Risk Mitigation

Information Technology/ICT- click here to View Courses

  1. Training on   Computer Fraud and Security/ IT Audit
  2. Training on   Human Resource Information Systems
  3. Training on  Website design & Publishing
  4. Training on IT security and Cyber crime Prevention
  5. Mobile Data Collection Using ONA and KoBo Toolbox               
  6. Mobile Data Collection and Mapping For M&E and Scientists               
  7. Content Management System Using PhP and MySQL Course                
  8. Information Security and Data Management Training              
  9. Training on Cyber Crime and Digital Risk       
  10. Workshop on Data Science & Big Data Analytics         
  11. Seminar on Artificial Intelligence Essentials  
  12. Training on Maintenance Scheduling Using Big Data, IoT and Agent Based Simulation               
  13. Workshop on Processes and Tools for Supply Chain Success
  14. Project Information Management System for Development Organizations and NGOs Course
  15. Office ICT Basic Skills Training Course
  16. Information Security and Data Management Course
  17. Advanced Mobile Data Collection using ODK-X (ODK2)

Banking and Investments- click here to View Courses

  1. Training on Bank Reconciliation and Petty Cash Management
  2. Training on Banking Policy Formulation and management
  3. Training on Central Bank and Monetary Policy Management
  4. Training on Central Banks supervision and anti-money laundering strategies
  5. Training on Finance, Risk Management & Corporate Governance
  6. Training on Financial crimes and anti-money laundering strategies
  7. Training on Financing Solutions for Oil, Gas & Mining Projects
  8. Training on Foreign Exchange Controls, Framework and Management
  9. Training on Fraud Detection and Prevention in Banks
  10. Training on Human Resources Management in Development in Banks
  11. Training on Liquidity Risk Management
  12. Training on Loan Structuring, LBOs & Acquisition Finance
  13. Training on Managing Securities and Capital Markets
  14. Training on Monetary Policy Formulation and Implementation
  15. Training on Policy Auditing in Central Banks
  16. Training on Spreadsheet Skills for Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting
  17. Training on Treasury and Risk Management
  18. Anti Money Laundering (AML) Specialist
  19. Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing
  20. Banking Policy Formulation and Management

Renewable Energy and Power- click here to View Courses

  1. Renewable Energy Integration
  2. Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  3. Impact of Renewable Energy Sources
  4. Renewable Energy Integration and Modeling
  5. Power Quality in Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Integration
  6. Renewable Energy Management & Finance
  7. Impact of Renewable Energy Sources

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