Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions Course




15th to 19th Jan 2024


12th to16th Feb 2024


11th to 15th March 2024


8th to 12th April 2024


13th to 17th May 2024


1oth to 14th June 2024


15th to 20th July 2024


12th to 16th Aug 2024


9th to 13th Sept 2024


14th to 18th Oct' 2024


11th to 16th Nov' 2024


9th to 13th Dec 2024


Microsoft Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions will cover how to perform advanced searching and data retrieval with Lookup functions, creation of statistic reports with criteria applied using Statistical functions, extraction of required text from given string using Text functions, and many more.

The course focuses on practical examples that will help users easily transit to using these formulas and functions in real-world scenarios. Participants will be shown some of the most challenging formulas and functions in Excel and how to put them to their best use.

Who Can Attend?

The program is focused excel uses to enhance the Skills of theirs for modern organizations needs. It is going to equip participant with advanced functions within Excel, like resources for analyzing, exporting and linking data.

Program Objective:

• Advanced If Statements

• Advanced Lookup Functions

• Advanced Use of Power and PivotTables Pivot

• analyzing large data

• Array Formulas

• Auditing And Troubleshooting Formulas

• Automate and also Customize data entry forms

• Automating with Macros

• Complex Logical along with Text Functions

• Control of types, Drop-down and Buttons menus

Course content

Module 1: Logical Functions

  o   Understanding Logical Functions

o   Using IF with Text

o   Using IF with Numbers

o   Nesting IF Functions

o   Using IFERROR

o   Using TRUE and FALSE

o   Using AND

o   Using OR

o   Using NOT



Module 2: Lookup Functions & Project Plan (Gantt Chart)

o   Understanding Data Lookup Functions

o   Using CHOOSE

o   Using VLOOKUP

o   Using VLOOKUP for Exact Matches

o   Using HLOOKUP

o   Using INDEX

o   Using Match

o   Understanding Reference Functions

o   Using ROW and ROWS

o   Using COLUMN and COLUMNS

o   Using ADDRESS

o   Using INDIRECT

o   Using OFFSET

Module 3: What-If Analysis

o   Scenario Manager

o   Goal Seek

o   Data Table

Module 4: Formula Auditing

o   Show formulas

o   Errors checking

o   Evaluate formula

o   Trace precedents

o   Trace dependents

o   Remove arrows

Module 5: Solver

o   Understanding How Solver Works

o   Installing the Solver Add-In

o   Setting Solver Parameters

o   Adding Solver Constraints

o   Performing the Solver Operation

o   Running Solver Reports

Module 6: Validating Data

o   Validating Data

o   Understanding Data Validation

o   Creating a Number Range Validation

o   Testing a Validation

o   Creating an Input Message

o   Creating an Error Message

o   Creating a Drop Down List

o   Using Formulas as Validation Criteria

o   Circling Invalid Data

o   Removing Invalid Circles

o   Copying Validation Settings

Module 7: Data Consolidation

o   Understanding Data Consolidation

o   Consolidating Data with Identical Layouts

o   Creating a Linked Consolidation

o   Consolidating Data with Different Layouts

o   Consolidating Data Using the SUM Function

Module 8: Pivot Tables & Dashboard Management

o   Understanding Pivot Tables

o   Recommended Pivot Tables

o   Creating Your Own PivotTable

o   Defining the PivotTable Structure

o   Filtering a PivotTable

o   Clearing a Report Filter

o   Switching PivotTable Fields

o   Formatting a PivotTable

o   Understanding Slicers

o   Creating Slicers

o   Inserting a Timeline Filter

o   Dashboard Management

Module 9:  Time Series Sales Forecasting Using Advanced Excel

o   Understanding Time series concept

o   Historical sales data management

o   Historical data analysis

o   Time series plot

o   Understand trend components

o   The irregular component in time series

o   Design with graph quarterly time series forecasts

Module 10: Introduction to Models in Excel

o   Definition

o   Keys Models and Use

o   Practical Exercises

Module 11: Business Analytics using Excel

o   Solver Addin

o   Histogram

o   Goal Seek

o   Data Table

o   Scenario Manager

o   Descriptive Statistics

Module 12: Statistical Analysis using Excel

o   Testing hypothesis


o   Covariance

o   Correlation

o   Regression

Module 13: Excel VBA

o   MsgBox

o   VBA variables

o   Events

o   Array

o   VBA functions

o   Application Object

·         Excel Formulas

·         Conditional Statements & Logical Operators

·         Statistical Functions

·         lookup/Reference Functions

·         Text Functions

·         Date & Time Functions

·         Formula-Based Formatting

·         Array Formulas

·         Functions

·         Advanced IF Statements

·         Advanced Lookup Functions

·         Complex Logical and Text Functions

·         Formula Auditing

·         What-If Analysis Tools

·         Worksheet and Workbook Protection

·         Advanced Use of PivotTables and Power Pivot

·         Automating with Macros

·         Working with Form Controls

·         Ensuring Data Integrity

·         Managing & Enriching Data

·         Data Analysis

·         Presentation

·         Custom Views In Excel

·         Scenario

·         Auditing And Troubleshooting Formulas

·         Pivot Tables

·         Pivot Charts

·         Goal Seek And Solver and data tables

·         Macros

·         Basic Visual Bascis


  • All the participants should be conversant with the English language.
  • All our courses involve a mix of one on one presentations, web based tutorials, group discussions, and practical exercises.
  • All courses can be tailor made and adjusted to meet the client’s needs.
  • We have a team of professional experts who work as professionals and trainers in their respective fields.
  • Each participant will get an Uphilos Consultancy certificate, upon completion of each course.
  • All our training sessions are held at Uphilos Center. For groups above five people we can train at any location in Kenya, above ten people any location within East Africa, and above twenty people at any location as per the client’s specifications.
  • Participants will be responsible for their travel, dinner, airport transfers, and other personal expenses.
  • Accommodation will be arranged upon request at a discounted price.
  • All payments should be made two weeks prior to the training for better logistics. Proof of payment should be sent to [email protected]
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