Training on Contracts Drafting, Reading & Understanding




15th to 19th Jan 2024


12th to16th Feb 2024


11th to 15th March 2024


8th to 12th April 2024


13th to 17th May 2024


1oth to 14th June 2024


15th to 20th July 2024


12th to 16th Aug 2024


9th to 13th Sept 2024


14th to 18th Oct' 2024


11th to 16th Nov' 2024


9th to 13th Dec 2024


Contract drafting, reading, and comprehension are essential skills for professionals. It's too dangerous for your business and work to be uncertain about the meaning and interpretation of a contractual term or clause. Contracts that are poorly drafted may not provide protection and may result in contractual disputes, litigation, arbitration, or mediation. By describing how contracts are formed, reviewed, and interpreted, this training course will improve participants' ability to create great contracts.

Training Objectives

The training on contracts Drafting, Reading and Understanding training course will:

  • Equip delegates with the essential knowledge and skills that they need to draft, read and understand contracts
  • Look at frame agreements and standard terms
  • Explain what questions every contract should answer
  • Introduce steps that make reviewing contracts easy
  • Identify how to protect organisations interest and get the deal they want


The training on contracts Drafting, Reading and Understanding training course is designed for:

  • Decision-makers involved in drafting, reviewing and understanding contract terms
  • Contracts, Project & Procurement Professionals
  • In-house Legal Advisers
  • Engineers and other technical professionals who are required to prepare technical specifications or plans
  • All those who are required to draft contract terms and work with and implement contracts


Module 1 -Introduction to Contract Drafting

  • Planning the contract
  • Identifying the elements of the contract
  • Identifying and planning to draft to reflect the deal
  • Focusing on the right things and on the key terms
  • The drafting process
  • Formulating a process
  • Drafting and reviewing
  • Constructing a clause
  • Identifying and using techniques for structuring a clause
  • Obligations or permissive provisions
  • Drafting clearly for obligations
  • Shall,must, may

Module 2 - Contract Drafting Methods

  • Techniques
  • Identifying techniques for clear drafting
  • Using simple words and avoiding technical language
  • Omitting unnecessary words
  • Using and misusing plurals
  • Applying the subject-verb-object approach
  • Understanding when to use the active or passive voice
  • Using punctuation
  • Applying other proven techniques
  • Commonly litigated words and phrases

Module 3 - Interpreting Contracts

  • Contract interpretation
  • Understanding the principles of contract interpretation
  • Identifying the effect of recent judgments on drafting commercial agreements
  • The biggest mistakes people make when reviewing contracts and how to avoid them
  • Questions to ask and have answers to when reviewing contracts
  • Steps to quickly and easily review contracts
  • What makes contracts legally binding
  • The extent to which verbal contracts can be enforced

Module 4 - Understanding Contracts

  • Key terminologies in contracts
  • Key provisions contained in B2B contracts
  • Key price and payment concepts
  • Exclusion clauses issues
  • Significance of warranties and indemnities
  • Contract termination methods
  • B2B contract review and revision

Module 5 - Planning

  • Checklists
  • Force Majeure
  • Handling Disputes
  • Case Study Exercises
  • Personal Action Planning
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