Web Application Development using Bootstrap, PHP and MYSQL Course




16th- 27tht Jan 2023


13th- 24th Feb 2023


13th-24th Mar 2023


1st- 12th May 2023


3rd-14th July 2023


18th-29th Sept 2023


16th-27th Oct 2023


6th-17th Nov 2023


4th-15th Dec 2023


PHP is open source and free for all and an award-winning programming language which enables you to easily build many types dynamic of website application. This PHP course will allow users to create a dynamic interactive website from scratch using the PHP. Each participant will learn how to create a professional website using the PHP.

Who should attend?

The PHP course is a must for web designers and web developers. It will be an important foundation for anyone maintaining or creating websites. Journalist, post high school students, university and college students, early career professionals, supervisors and team leaders and senior executives or person’s interest to understand how professional websites are authored may also attend.

Training Objective

o All fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript

o All PHP Fundamentals and Building Blocks with practical implementation in Projects

o Form Validation with most secure way using Regular Expressions

o Making web pages dynamic with the variety of PHP Techniques

o Getting Started with Bootstrap Framework

o Using PHP Sessions and pass information easily on different modules of Project

o Sending Email using PHP

Training Content

Module One: HTML and CSS Basics

o What is it HTML and how we use it

o Versions of HTML

o Creating a Basic Web Page

o Insert content

o Create a Basic Page Structure

o Basic HTML Formatting

o Inserting images

o Create hypertext Links

o What is CSS and how we use it

o Creating CSS styles

o Basic formatting with CSS

o Managing CSS styles

o Formatting links with CSS

Module two: Javascript Basics

o What is javascript and how we use it

o Benefits of javascript

o Interactivity in HTML

o Implement basic effects for your content

o The future of Web development

Module Three: Building Blocks of PHP

o Requirements overview

o XAMP Downloading and Installing

o XAMP Server

o XAMP Files and Solving Error

o Variable

o Constants

o Strings

o Numbers

o Arrays

o Arrays Functions

o If Statements

o Operators

o For Loop

o While Loops

o For-each Loops

o Switch Statements

o Branching

o User Define Functions

o Re-usability

o Static Variables

o Local Variables

o Global Variables

o Super Global Variables

Module Four: Regular Expressions

o Introduction to Regular Expressions Creation

o Advanced Regular Expressions Creation

Module Five: Form Validation

o Introduction to forms

o Form Validation

o Adding Constraints

o Working with CSS

o Introduction to Sending Email

o Sending Email in PHP

o Form Validation Project Sending Email

Module Six: Dynamic Web Pages

o Url and links

o Dynamic Web Pages

Module Seven: Working with MYSQL Database

o Working with Database and codes

o Creating DB and Table

o Establishing Connection

o Connection Code

o Form Creation and Applying Styles

o PHP and Query Creation

o Adding Constraints

o View From Database

o Delete From Database

o Update Into Database

o Search From Database

o SQL Injection

o Styling

Module Eight: Configuring Bootstrap

o Bootstrap Framework

o Bootstrap Framework Version

o Add Bootstrap to Website

Module Nine: Designing Admin Panel

o Creating the Dashboard

o Designing Tabs

o Icons

o Footer

Module Ten: PHP MYSQL Work in Admin-Panel

o Creating Database and Category Table

o Creating Category Form

o Validations on Category

o Completing Manage Category Page

o Form Creation, Validation and Completion

Module eleven: Working with Public Front-End of Blog

o Deigning Public Front-End Navigation

o Designing the Main Area for Blog

o Extracting Post From DB on Blog Page

o Activating Search Tab of Blog Page

o Full Blog Post

o Designing and Extracting Dashboard

o Enhancing Admin Experience

o Edit Post Extraction and Updation

o Delete Post

o Working with Comments

o Designing Comment Form

o PHP for Comments

o Adding Relation between Tables using Foreign Key and Primary Key

o Extracting Comments

o Designing Comments Dashboard

o Approve Comments

o Disapprove Comments

o Delete Comments

o Enhancing Admin Experience on Comments Tab

o Delete Category

Module Twelve: Admin Registration System

o Adding New Admins

o Extracting and Deleting Admins

o Managing Login / Logout / Access Process

o Designing Login Page

o Longing in

o Restricting Admin Area

o Logout Page

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