Training on Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies




8th to 12th Jan 2024


5th to 9th Feb 2024


4th to 8th March 2024


1st to 5th April 2024


6th to 10th May 2024


3rd to 7th June 2024


1st to 5th July 2024


5th to 9th Aug 2024


2nd to 6th Sept 2024


7th to 11th Oct' 2024


4th-8th Nov' 2024


2nd to 6th Dec 2024


The program examines the digital advertising process, mobile and online marketing platforms, and also the way they connect with one another also as to traditional media. Nearly all digital advertising disciplines are coated (search, social, mobile, programmatic trading, display, etc.) to offer participants an excellent introduction to all things digital.

Course Objectives

This program offers a fast track comprehension of the electronic landscape such as social internet marketing, seo, mobile, display advertising, email marketing, information and also the expense of infrastructure.

The trends around areas are explored by us, what the effect these trends are actually on people, analyzing and measuring ROI, media preparation, creatives that perform, industry best practices as well as requirements in addition to innovative and new applications of the science in digital marketing.

The program also tackles the problems and also problems facing marketers and agencies in adapting the organization of theirs on the latest digital landscape. Provided from a marketing practitioner 's viewpoint - electronic advertising has become very easily understood.

Note: Participants are required to deliver laptop/tablet for hands on routines.

Who Can Attend?

Marketing managers, account directors, CMOs, marketing directors, planners and any person looking to find out about electronic marketing and advertising. Designed for individuals who would like a thorough knowledge of digital advertising and also the way to harness its power.

Course Outcomes

• Have a good comprehension of the basic concepts of digital marketing.

• Be conversant with related technologies, opportunities and devices for electronic communications campaigns.

• Have increased inspiration and confidence for the improvement of strategic and inventive digital communication strategies.

• Understand the way to incorporate electronic into the general marketing mix.

• Understand the techniques and metrics of studying digital campaigns.

• Have insight into the logistical and operational issues which confront both clients and agencies in incorporating electronic for their businesses advertising offering.

Course Outline
  1. • Introduction to Digital Marketing.
  2. • Assessing the Channels & Technologies.
  3. • Demographics of The Customer of yours.
  4. • The Digital Marketing Toolbox.
  5. • Internet Campaign as well as Media Strategy.
  6. • Creative Strategy: Case Studies.
  7. • Designing for the User Experience.
  8. • Campaign Brief.
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