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180th- 21st Jan 2022



7th- 18th Feb 2022



14th- 25th Mar 2022



9th- 20th May 2022



11th-22nd July 2022



5th-16th Sept 2022



3rd-14th Oct 2022



7th-18th Nov 2022



5th-16th Dec 2022




Participants will learn how to initiate a research project for targeted business needs, conduct research through multiple modes and datasets, analyze research data, manage suppliers performing specialized research, and deliver recommendations from the research. By the end of the specialization, learners will create and scope a research proposal, conduct desk research, design and test a focus group guide, interpret focus group results, design and implement a survey, analyze quantitative data, develop insights by synthesizing findings across research methods, create data visualizations in Excel, and develop a presentation of findings with recommendations to stakeholders.

Markets Linkages connect the organisations involved in producing the products and delivering the services for any and every market. The benefits of investing in linkage development are significant. Through supporting the development of market linkages, businesses and programmes alike can ensure that their short-term investment has a long-term impact that will ultimately lead to improved local capacity, create jobs and accelerate growth.



1.Research Proposal: Initiating Research

Define market research and identify some tools used in the industry.

2.Qualitative Research

In-depth with qualitative market research methods, from design to implementation to analysis.

3.Quantitative Research

· Research Design and Secondary Data Sources

· Qualitative Methods

· Descriptive Research Design and Observation

· Causal Research Design

· Measurement, Scaling and Sampling

· Data Preparation and Analysis Strategy

· Hypothesis testing, Frequencies and Cross-tabulation

· Testing for Significant Differences – t-test/ANOVA

·  Testing for Association – Correlation and Regression

4.Research Report: Delivering Insights

Choose the most effective analytical method for delivering your insights and the best presentation method for your given audience.

Incorporate data visualization best practices and use tips and tricks when presenting to your various levels of decision makers and stakeholders.

5. Making Market Linkages
 Why support Market Linkages?
 Interventions that support development of market linkages:

  a) Building supplier and distributor capacity

  b) Developing Information and communications systems

  c) Strengthening the policy and business environment

6. Practical Application: Market Linkage Interventions
     a) Linkage facilitators
     b) Supplier & distribution development
     c) Enabling market linkages through information and communication services
      d) Strengthening linkages through policy and business environment
7.  Implications for Development Partners

This section sets out a framework for how donors and their partners can ensure that the development and the use of market linkages are included throughout the whole project cycle.
 a) Concept Stage
 b) Design Phase
 c) Implementation Phase
 d) Monitoring & Evaluation

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