Training on Bridge Maintenance and Inspection




9th -13th Jan 2023


6th-10th Feb 2023


3rd-7th Apr 2023


5th -9th June2023


10th-14th July 2023


7th-11th Aug 2023


4th-8th Sept 2023


2nd-6th Oct 2023


11th-15th Dec 2023


This training on bridge maintenance & inspection will discuss best practices and state of the art methods for effective bridge maintenance, management and inspection. A major part of the course will focus on bridge repair and rehabilitation issues; bridge management systems, needs of highways agencies, and bridge related safety and risk issues. The other part this program will focus on best practices for bridge inspections and how to utilize new technologies that can deliver accurate results in a timely and cost efficient manner. Bridge preservation and safety will be emphasized throughout the course.


At the end of this training course the trainee should be able to:

  • Develop cost-effective strategies for preservation of a group of bridges
  • Identify maintenance or repair needs and select the best countermeasures and applications
  • Apply effective management techniques (such as planning, scheduling, monitoring and reporting).
  • Describe, identify, evaluate, and document the various components and deficiencies that can exist on bridge components and elements.
  • Describe, identify, evaluate, and document the various components and deficiencies that can exist on bridge components and elements
  • Discuss the duties and responsibilities of a bridge inspector and define inspection concepts
    including personal and public safety issues associated with bridge inspections
  • Learn about the latest technologies utilized around the world for bridge inspections


5 Days


  • Highway Agency Engineers
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Technology Providers


The Bridge Inspection Process

  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Bridge Inspections
  • Code of Practice for the Management of Highway Structures
  • Inspectors Roles, Responsibilities and Competence
  • The Accreditation Process
  • Inspection Types
  • Scheduling Inspections
  • Risk Based Inspection Intervals
  • Planning and Preparing for Inspections
  • Health and Safety
  • Performing Inspections
  • Recording Inspections
  • Summary

Structural Form, Materials and Behaviour

  • Introduction
  • Structures Types and Elements
  • Structural Mechanics and Behaviour
  • Properties of Construction Materials Concrete
  • Properties of Construction Materials Steel and Metals
  • Properties of Construction Materials Masonry
  • Properties of Construction Materials - Timber

Bridge Defects: Descriptions and Causes

  • Introduction
  • Principal Causes of Defects
  • Concrete Defects
  • BCI and Concrete Defects
  • Steel Defects
  • BCI and Steel Defects
  • Masonry Defects
  • BCI and Masonry Defects
  • Other Defects
  • Summary

Field Trip

  • Inspection of Bridges
  • Discussion

Bridge Investigation and Testing

  • Introduction
  • The Purpose of Testing
  • Common Testing Techniques
  • An Effective Testing Programme
  • Concrete Testing
  • Testing of Metals
  • Masonry Testing
  • Investigation Processes
  • Ecology
  • Procurement Processes

Assessment, Repair and Strengthening of Bridges

  • Introduction
  • Evaluation of Inspection and Testing Techniques
  • Maintenance Techniques
  • Bridge Assessment
  • Repair Techniques for Concrete Structures
  • Repair Techniques for Metal Structures
  • Repair Techniques for Masonry Structures
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