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15th to 26th Jan 2024


12th to 23rd Feb 2024


18th to 29th March 2024


15th to 26th April 2024


20th to 31st May 2024


17th to 28th June 2024


15th to 26th July 2024


19th to 30th Aug 2024


16th to 27th Sept 2024


14th to 25th Oct' 2024


18th to 29th Nov' 2024


9th to 20th Dec 2024


There's growing need from multilateral companies, funding bodies along with boards of individual businesses for a great demonstration that tasks are being administered and evaluated expertly, thus the need for training on project management monitoring and evaluation with MS projects. Effective project monitoring permits project staff members making proper choices on a day-to-day basis and also makes sure that tasks are performed as planned and also modified when necessary.

Effective projects and programs begin from a pre-planned series of events and activities. Nevertheless, things seldom work out just as planned. Managers must therefore periodically monitor selected indicators as well as degree performance during setup, so they can make regular changes where needed, as well as subsequently figure out the extent to which the system or maybe task achieved its goals.

Duration: 10 days


• To introduce the job cycle and determine the issues needed for planning

• Understand the idea of good project monitoring and evaluation

• Understand techniques and strategies for checking and evaluating projects

• Prepare to keep track of and evaluation methods & plans

• Implement the monitoring as well as evaluation methods & plans

• To make use of Microsoft Project Software for Project Planning as well as Monitoring

• To prepare evaluation designs and how you can document change

• To created and shared accounts with stakeholders


Project Management Framework

 • What's Project Management?

• What's a task?

• The Project Management Office

• The Triple Constraint

• Ten Knowledge Areas

• Project Stakeholders

• Life Cycle of a Project

Processes of Project Management

• Closing Processes

• Executing Processing

• Initiating Processes

• Monitoring & Controlling

• Planning Processes

• Project Success Factors

Introduction to checking & evaluation

• An introduction of Monitoring, and Control Evaluation

• Key ideas of Monitoring and Evaluation

• Planning for M&E within a task implementation

Concept of good Project M&E & Results-Based Management (RBM)

• Framework for good M&E

• Setting upwards an M&E system

• steps involved in developing a highly effective M&E system

• Understanding Results-Based Management (RBM) • Why make use of RBM?

Setting up of project objectives that aides in effective M&E

• The Essentials of Defining The Project of yours

• SMART goals

• Priority setting

• Considering common goods and resources

• Participatory indicator selection and also target setting

Project cycle & also project planning

• Understanding the issues inherent in project management

• Defining project parameters

Organizing the project 's man resources

• Identifying who's required for the project

• Enumerating what's on the line to use shared points of interest

• Negotiating for and booking the required information

The logical framework as a task design/M&E tool

• Historical origin

• Components on the Log Frame

• The rational framework as the fundamental tool of the Style of Monitoring and Evaluation methods

Tools, approaches and methods for facilitating M&E

• Building monitoring and analysis teams with outlined roles and strong capabilities

• Baseline surveys and part in benchmarking

• Setting Project Milestones

• Performance Indicators

• Quantitative Indicators

• Qualitative Indicators

Tools, approaches and methods for facilitating M&E

• Tools for Data compilation, , processing analysis

• Demonstrating leadership &communicating successfully to inspire those involved

• Tracking the project 's improvement & discovering departures from initial goals

• Promoting the cohesiveness of project participants

• Group assignment

• Participants enter groups to focus on team assignment

• Group presenters contained findings

Participatory and results-based M&E

 • Why participatory society monitoring and evaluation?

• The aim of participatory keeping track of as well as evaluation

• Steps to come down with participatory keeping track of and evaluation (PME)

Use of MS Project being a task management and monitoring tool

• Overview of MS Project

• Role of MS Project within planning

• Working with MS Project

Evaluations, and learning improvement

• Understanding project Implementation

• Assessing project evaluability

• Evaluation kinds & designs

• Quantitative evaluations

• Qualitative evaluations

Reporting and communicating M&E finding

• Audience analysis

• Identifying reporting needs

• Type of reports

• Writing Evaluation and Monitoring reports

• Dissemination of Monitoring as well as Evaluation results

Practical class exercises

• Choose a task of preference, design for setup, match monitoring & evaluation program; some other responsibilities.

• Groups Present Final Results

• Demonstrate just how Monitoring & Evaluation is conducted in their selected project


  • All the participants should be conversant with the English language.
  • All our courses involve a mix of one on one presentations, web based tutorials, group discussions, and practical exercises.
  • All courses can be tailor made and adjusted to meet the client’s needs.
  • We have a team of professional experts who work as professionals and trainers in their respective fields.
  • Each participant will get an Uphilos Consultancy certificate, upon completion of each course.
  • All our training sessions are held at Uphilos Center. For groups above five people we can train at any location in Kenya, above ten people any location within East Africa, and above twenty people at any location as per the client’s specifications.
  • Participants will be responsible for their travel, dinner, airport transfers, and other personal expenses.
  • Accommodation will be arranged upon request at a discounted price.
  • All payments should be made two weeks prior to the training for better logistics. Proof of payment should be sent to [email protected]
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