Project Appraisals & Impact Evaluation Course




16th- 27th Jan 2023


6th- 17th Feb 2023


10th-21st Apr 2023


19th- 30th Jun 2023


7th-18th Aug 2023


4th-15th Sept 2023


16th-27th Oct 2023


13th-24th Nov 2023


11th-22nd Dec 2023


This program  on project appraisals and impact evaluation, gives the participants the vital skills and knowledge to successfully appraise and analyze projects.  It offers you the newest techniques and tools to handle project risks as well as uncertainties to guarantee profit margins as well as sustainability in times that are uncertain. It'll in higher level cover econometric effect evaluation theory and empirical ways for measuring effect of development plans (including randomization, regression discontinuity, and propensity rating matching). Practice and theory will be combined with it.

Duration:10 Days

Program Objectives:

• Undertake, Economic, Risk, Technical, & Financial Analysis to choose Projects to meet up with Organisational Objectives

• Conduct Financial Analysis applying Payback, IRR, and NPV

• Measuring and identifying Uncertainties and Risk

• Evaluate as well as Manage Risks with the latest techniques and tools

• Manage Uncertainties with Decisions Trees, Gannt Charts, Critical Path Analysis

 • Identifying whether the project is performing or perhaps not, impact assessment will help accountability function.

Who can attend?

This program focuses on Project Management Officials from NGO's, National Statistics Offices, Education Researchers, Government ministries, National Institutes as well as Planning Ministries, Central banks, as well as Faculty Researchers among others.

The Course Content

1. Project Appraisal & Analysis

• Investment Criteria

• Economic Risk Analysis

• Identifying Technical, Environmental and logistical Risks

• Market Risk Analysis

• Selection of Projects that meet Organisational Objectives

2. Financial Analysis

• Income Estimation, Durations and Cashflows

• Identifying Risks from Projected Cashflow

• WACC, CAPM & Arbitrage Pricing 

• Payback; ARR, NPV, IRR and so on.

• Financial Appraisal applying Spreadsheet Skills

3. Project Risk & Uncertainties

• Measuring Uncertainties and Risk

• Project Constraints

• Balancing Scope, Time, Cost and Quality

• Evaluation of Risks & Uncertainties

• Risk Planning & Reporting

4. Risk Management
5. Managing Uncertainties
6. Cost-benefit analysis
7. Developing appropriate models
8. Developing an appraisal method
9. Introduction to influence evaluation
10. Evaluation Design
11. Implementing and managing Impact Evaluation


  • All the participants should be conversant with the English language.
  • All our courses involve a mix of one on one presentations, web based tutorials, group discussions, and practical exercises.
  • All courses can be tailor made and adjusted to meet the client’s needs.
  • We have a team of professional experts who work as professionals and trainers in their respective fields.
  • Each participant will get an Uphilos Consultancy certificate, upon completion of each course.
  • All our training sessions are held at Uphilos Center. For groups above five people we can train at any location in Kenya, above ten people any location within East Africa, and above twenty people at any location as per the client’s specifications.
  • Participants will be responsible for their travel, dinner, airport transfers, and other personal expenses.
  • Accommodation will be arranged upon request at a discounted price.
  • All payments should be made two weeks prior to the training for better logistics. Proof of payment should be sent to [email protected]
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