Training on Prevention & Awareness Of FGM




22nd to 26th Jan 2024


19th to 23rd Feb 2024


25th to 29th March 2024


22nd to 26th April 2024


20th to 24th May 2024


24th to 28th June 2024


 22nd to 26th July 2024


26th to 30th Aug 2024


23rd to 27th Sept 2024


21st to 25th Oct' 2024


25th-29th Nov' 2024


16 to 20th Dec 2024


FGM is a phrase today frequently famous for the common methods regarding injury or removal of part or perhaps the majority of the external genitalia of girls and women. It does not include genital surgery completed for medically given reasons.
Traditions will be the traditions, values, and beliefs of a neighborhood that will govern and influence people's behavior. Taboos typically guide traditions, & they are not easy to change. People stick to these patterns of conduct, contemplating they are the correct things to do.

Duration: Five Days

Who Should Attend?
Health officers, public health, and nurses, community wellness extension workers, job officers doing work in communities that practice FGM
By the realization of the instructions, the participants need to have the capacity to one.

 Understand basic information concerning female genital mutilation, its health effects along with the cultural traditions that underpin it.

Gain skills and also knowledge applicable on the process for reaching out towns because of the protection against FGM along with methods for involving various community groups, men, e.g., women, children and youth and community leaders.

It is able to in addition concentrate on the sincere, legal and human rights ramifications of FGM.

Course Topics

1. FGM Introduction

• Analyzing as well as influencing traditions

• background and Description of FGM

• Complications of FGM

• Professional ethics and also legal ramifications of FGM

• Human rights as well as FGM

2. Community Involvement in Prevention of FGM

• Beliefs, and values attitudes

• Attitudes, and values towards FGM

• Strategies for involving communities, families, and individuals in the protection against FGM

• Strategies for about political and federal leaders in the protection against FGM

3. Management of Victims with Complications

• Assessment to determine physical problems of FGM

• Management of clientele with bodily complications of FGM

• Using counseling skills

• Identifying sexual and psychosocial problems

• Management of sexual and psychological issues

• Family planning use within the presence of FGM

• Type III FGM

4. Management of Preganant Women Who Have Gone Through FGM throughout Pregnancy, the Postpartum, Delivery and Labour Period

• management and Assessment of pregnant women with complications as a result of FGM

• Obstetric complications as a result of FGM during delivery and labor

• management and Assessment of females during delivery and labor, and postpartum

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