Training on Microsoft Excel For Health Care Professionals




23rd-27thJan 2023


20th-24th Feb 2023


27th-31st Mar 2023


22nd-26th May 2023


24th-28th July 2023


22nd-26th Aug 2023


25th-29th Sept 2023


23rd-27th Oct 2023


4th -8th Dec 2023


The healthcare sector presents various scenarios so all course instances, as well as homework assignments, will work with healthcare based datasets, including patient entrance rates, disease rates, etc.

Duration: 5 Days

Who Can Attend

Anybody within the Health Care field.

Program Objectives

The goal of this workshop is introducing the Excel user to many of Excel's main features, which includes information organization, formulas, along with pivot tables.

After the program, you are going to be ready to: • Introduce the latest Excel user on the program 's features.

• Expand on fundamental Excel skills by establishing a worksheet for a point source outbreak investigation. The situation in which there's an outbreak of a foodborne illness which is tracked down to one banquet event. The objective is usually to put in place a spreadsheet to ensure that an outbreak investigation may be conducted in time that is real.

• Introduce the use of standard mathematical formulas by filling within a budget worksheet.

• Utilize the worksheet which we constructed in Objective two to complete the mock outbreak searching.

• Learn the basic usage of PivotTables found MS Excel • Demonstrate just how Excel can be utilized for writing type letters.

Course Topics

1. • Formatting: Adjusting fonts, textual content alignment; inserting rows, columns as well as setting cell dimensions, borders and also history colors; merging cells & sorting data.

• Formulas as well as Functions: Use of cellular recommendations in formulas (including complete recommendations as well as naming cells); duplicating formulas; integrated features (some include: Sum, COUNT, MAX, MIN, IF).

• Graphs and charts: Inserting, formatting, and labeling numerous kinds of charts as well as graphs.

• Templates: Use of both integrated guides and internet templates.

2. • Graphs and Charts: Reiteration of charting as well as graphing abilities from Course one, as well as sparklines.

• Functions, Pivot Tables, plus Macros: Use of integrated tasks (some include: SUMIF, COUNTIF, Pivot tables, and lookup); checking worksheets for mistakes in formulas; launch to simple macro consumption.

• Formatting: Linking and inserting worksheets; uses of conditional formatting alternatives.

• Protecting Worksheets: Prevention of worksheets becoming modified with no consent.

3. • Functions: Introduction to Visual Basic along with Macro skills; text and concatenate to columns functions; Tracking changes; function is sought by Goal; plus use of the timepiece windowpane.

• Data: Accessing information from outside sources.

• Other: Customizing the toolbars.

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