Advanced Training on Installation, Use & Management Of OPENHDS & ODK




15th to 26th Jan 2024


12th to 23rd Feb 2024


18th to 29th March 2024


15th to 26th April 2024


20th to 31st May 2024


17th to 28th June 2024


15th to 26th July 2024


19th to 30th Aug 2024


16th to 27th Sept 2024


14th to 25th Oct' 2024


18th to 29th Nov' 2024


9th to 20th Dec 2024


Field employees are in a position to gather data offline and post info on OpenHDS server when they've mobile connectivity. Public Health administrators in addition to policy makers might therefore have actual time usage of demographic info and wellness within the community. This net enabled OpenHDS method grants users to successfully choose previously authorized folks and launch numerous ODK forms to get additional market, morbidity, then assistance distribution information. This mobile application helps with the compilation, through household interview, of a variety health activities, which occur within the neighborhood or beyond the conventional health system. Along with computing marketplace data, overall health administrators as well as researchers are in a place to assess the health system usage and definitely the problem of illness for a particular public after some time.

OpenHDS maintains a normal history of substantial market situations, which eventually a population within a confined geographic area, and also produces current registration books.

Duration: 10 Days

Who Can Attend?

This specific system is best suited for health researchers, study coordinators, research nurses, and any other evaluation personnel health captures officers.

Course Topics

1.Understanding HDS

• Advantages

• Cons

• Case study

2. Installing the software

• Application of openHDS

• Application in addition to utilization of ODK

3. Connecting HDS & ODK

• Deployment/application

• Improving info collection process

• Standardizing powerful data collection

• System design

4. Connecting of ODK

• Application

 • Installation      

• Significance of upgrading several servers

5. Management of Data Quality

• Autonomy & info architects

• Consistent and powerful data integration

• Database and info warehouses

• Improved evaluation by utilizing Metadata

• Improving info collection process

• Standardizing powerful data collection

• Well structured, data fields that're constant within the records

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