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9th -13th Jan 2023


6th-10th Feb 2023


3rd-7th Apr 2023


5th -9th June2023


10th-14th July 2023


7th-11th Aug 2023


4th-8th Sept 2023


2nd-6th Oct 2023


11th-15th Dec 2023


Presenting to groups can be one of the most stressful experiences, even for senior executives; indeed, speaking in public is often cited as the number one phobia in the world today. Most presentations are not just about distributing information; they are also about building the personal and organisational reputation, so effective public speaking & presentation skills are a prerequisite for most executives. This highly-participative Public Speaking workshop aims to give participants the skills and confidence to communicate effectively.

Training Objectives

By attending this highly interactive Public Speaking & Powerful Presentation Skills training course, delegates will gain:

  • The confidence to present with self-assurance and composure
  • The ability to structure a presentation to suit the topic and audience
  • The skills needed to communicate complex information in a meaningful way
  • Skills needed to create and use powerful and memorable visual aids
  • The ability to handle audience interactions during and after presentations
  • Extensive practice in delivering different types of presentation
  • Drive up the quality of the service delivered by their team


The Public Speaking & Powerful Presentation Skills training seminar is designed for:

  • Executives who wish to make their internal presentations more informative and engaging
  • Sales and marketing professionals wishing to influence decision-makers
  • Speakers at conferences and exhibitions
  • Managers and team leaders who wish to inspire their team members and colleagues
  • Training managers who want to develop communication abilities of the department managers


Module 1 -Building Confidence

    • Introduction to the course outlines and objectives
    • What makes a speaker appear confident?
    • Harnessing nerves in a creative way
    • Conscious and sub-conscious messages

Module 2 - Structuring and Planning the Presentation

    • Purpose and aims
    • Audience focussed objectives
    • Researching the audience’s needs
    • Time and other constraints
    • Venue considerations
    • Choices of presentation media and style

Module 3 - Powerful Visual Aids

  • Description:

On Day 3 the course will cover the choice, design and use of visual and other aids.

  • KeyTopics:
    • Selecting appropriate supporting media
    • Uses and abuses of visuals
    • Designing audience-engaging visual aids
    • Using PowerPoint effectively

Module 4 - Enhancing Delivery Effectiveness

  • Description:

On Day 4 the course will cover ways of maximising the impact of delegates’ personal style.

  • KeyTopics:
    • Body language and the part it plays in presentations
    • Building audience trust
    • Vocal skills: pitch, speed, and rhythm
    • Language patterns: phraseology, register, and syntax
    • Rapport and audience involvement
    • Handling questions effectively

Module 5 - Practice Presentations

  • Description:

Day 5 of the course will allow each participant to deliver their final presentation to their peer group.

  • KeyTopics:
    • A 10-minute presentation by each delegate
    • Handling questions and interruptions
    • Individual feedback and coaching
    • Learning review
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