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8th to 12th Jan 2024


5th to 9th Feb 2024


4th to 8th March 2024


1st to 5th April 2024


6th to 10th May 2024


3rd to 7th June 2024


1st to 5th July 2024


5th to 9th Aug 2024


2nd to 6th Sept 2024


7th to 11th Oct' 2024


4th-8th Nov' 2024


2nd to 6th Dec 2024


Organizations that wish to succeed in today's varied, complex, yet demanding environment must tap into the particular expertise and abilities of their employees. Relieving the power, ability, and optimism of women in leadership posts can help to achieve this aim.Women may a Encourage these many ways of thinking, engaging, and delivering exceptional outcomes to gain a competitive advantage.

The Developing Women as Leaders training course will give learners a concise knowledge of the obstacles that come with picking on senior roles, as well as a chance to think about what they ought to do to guarantee that their leadership practice is tailored to their organizational and personal context.

The training course will also help participants identify their fundamental talents in order to become dependable, brave leaders and mentors that encourage those around them. It will also discuss where women must change and what must change in corporate procedures and culture for women to ascend to leadership positions. dd a unique vitality to leadership positions.

Training Obectives

  • Developing an action plan for personal development as a leader
  • Developing confidence to act in a leadership role
  • Developing self-awareness as a leader
  • Getting the best out of people through your own leadership style
  • Having a strategy to establish yourself as a leader
  • To create positive outcomes as a leader
  • To recognize opportunities to develop a leadership style as a woman
  • To understand the leadership role
  • Understanding the connections between power and leadership

Who Should Attend

The Developing Women as Leaders: Liberating Power, Potential, and Positivity in the Workplace is aimed at existing or aspiring leaders who want to develop their full potential and excel as a woman in the leadership role. Women from any level in an organization would benefit from this course.

Course Outline

Module 1 -The Role of Women in Leadership

    • What is the role of a leader?
    • What does being a woman leader mean?
    • Applying situational leadership to different circumstances
    • Authenticity in your leadership style
    • Latest thinking and best practice around women in leadership issues
    • Leadership skills women bring
    • Challenges and trade-offs in leadership

Module 2 - Leadership and Self-Awareness for Women at Work

    • Emotional intelligence – what it is and how to get it
    • Our schema – developing a positive internal voice
    • Being assertive in appropriate situations
    • Changing unhelpful habits
    • Conducting a self-audit of leadership behaviors
    • Establishing positive personal impact
    • Creating authenticity of leadership style
    • Developing your emotional resilience

Module 3 -Creating Positivity through the Leadership Role

    • Building and maintaining confidence and self-belief
    • The skill of reframing and positive thinking
    • Positive self-presentation
    • Responding to challenges or criticism in a positive way
    • Creating positive team cultures
    • Developing a “can do” delivery ethos
    • Channeling your positive thinking to achieve outstanding outcomes

Module 4 - Connecting Power and Leadership

    • Developing influencing and negotiation skills as a leader
    • Being influential at a business strategy level
    • Recognizing and utilizing sustainable sources of power
    • Harnessing confidence in decision making
    • How and when to challenge others

Module 5 - Establishing Yourself as an Innovative Woman Leader

    • Finding your leadership voice
    • Communicating with confidence
    • Raising your profile with key stakeholders
    • Making the difference by being yourself
    • Recognizing and promoting your own worth and contribution
    • Barriers: perception or reality and how to overcome them
    • Exploring how to achieve your leadership potential
    • Planning your personal development
    • Action planning your next steps
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