Shipping and Logistics Masterclass




9th -13th Jan 2023


6th-10th Feb 2023


3rd-7th Apr 2023


5th -9th June2023


10th-14th July 2023


7th-11th Aug 2023


4th-8th Sept 2023


2nd-6th Oct 2023


11th-15th Dec 2023


This training is thorough and covers a variety of logistics and supply chain management topics. Professionals and workers may develop their abilities in a welcoming atmosphere by using new cutting-edge training techniques. The logistics industry's rising demands will be met by this professional curriculum.

The important features of the Shipping and logistics masterclass training course are:

  • Identify the key shipping documentation
  • Introduction to basic concepts related to handling and shipment
  • Defining the incoterms
  • Recognize the Supply Chain Management Drivers

Training Objectives

  • Gather new insights into developing Shipping and logistics to achieve competitive advantage
  • An increased understanding of the impact of Shipping and logistics on costs and financial performance
  • Appreciation of approaches and frameworks that can be applied to different market segments
  • Reviews of the latest thinking on supply chain strategy, planning and execution

Who Can Attend?

  • Shipping and Logistics Managers and Executives looking at thought leadership of their own supply chain as well as other delegates experienced and methods
  • Senior Supply Chain Managers and Executives looking at thought leadership of their own supply chain as well as other delegates experienced and methods
  • Junior Supply Chain Executives, helping to bring them up to speed with the latest thinking, frameworks, tools and implementation
  • Marketing, customer service and manufacturing managers and directors who are seeking supply chain integration or who need to understand the impact of supply chain decisions upon their company’s performance
  • Those wanting to create Action within the supply chain to increase value and reduce cost

Course Contents

Module 1 - Shipping Documentation

    • Introduction to Shipping
    • Bill of lading
    • Ocean Bill of Lading (B/L), Airway Bill (AWB)
    • Containership,
    • Chartering and Cargo Agents,
    • Claim Management,
    • Freight and Liner Trade & Multimodal Transport

Module 2 - Ship-Shore Interface, Electronics Commerce, EDI

    • Basic concepts related to handling and shipment
    • Dry-bulk Cargo, Containers, Tankers, Large Bulk Carriers
    • Dangerous Goods Notifications
    • Common Shipping Terminologies
    • Electronic Bills of Lading & Functional Equivalence
    • The UNCITRAL Model Law on Legal aspects of EDI
    • Electronic Data Messages – Legal Recognition
    • Document of Title and Negotiability
    • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – Bills of Lading

Module 3 - Incoterms

    • Introduction to Incoterms
    • Incoterms 2017
    • Risk management spectrum
    • ICC & Incoterms
    • Carrier liabilities
    • Insurance
    • Buyer & Seller responsibilities

Module 4 - Supply Chain Management Drivers

    • Key Concepts
    • Supply Chain evolution
    • Logistics concepts, drivers, issues
    • Purchasing and Procurement
    • Warehousing & Distribution
    • Warehousing Objectives, Layout and Design
    • Material Handling
    • Inventory Accuracy

Module 5 -Inventory Management

    • Inventory provisioning
    • EOQ, Coverage Analysis
    • Understanding the role of Stocks in Supply Chain
    • Buffer Stock
    • ABC, VED, XYZ Analysis
    • Role of Normal Distribution and Standard deviation in the demand pattern
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