Financial Management, Budgeting & Auditing Of Donor Funded Project





18th- 29th Jan 2021



15th- 26th Feb 2021



15th- 26th Mar 2021



19th- 30th April 2021



17th- 28th May 2021



14th- 25th June 2021



19th-30th July 2021



16th-27th Aug 2021



13th-24th Sept 2021



18th-29th Oct 2021



15th-26th Nov 2021



6th-17th Dec 2021



Training on financial management, auditing, and budgeting of donor funded projects was created to allow those engaged with projects to be effective and efficient in the acquisition and utilizing of money for advancement purposes, using proper application and techniques of accounting and finance concepts.


Two weeks

Who can attend?

Budget accountants, Chief Accountants, Auditors, Finance Directors, Project officers, Administrators, Procurement officers & managers,  Procurement Directors, Finance Managers, Credit Controllers

Program Objectives:

• Accounting principles and procedures within the planning of financial statements • Analyze and interpret information as discovered in financial statements.

• Compliance with prerequisites, legal and administrative framework

• Identifying things for donor funding.

• Monitor and evaluate donor funded projects.

• Outline and assess the convenience of the authorized provisions governing the procurement along with the usage of donor funds.

• Prepare &effectively manage the arrangement of budgets for donor funds.

Program Content

• Introduction to financial management, budgeting, and auditing of donor funded projects

• Budgeting and financial control

• Costing and price reduction strategies

• Disbursement procedures

• Evaluation of global aid offers

• Financial managing of donor funds

• Fraud prevention as well as detection

• Independent analysis of programs and projects

• Intermediation products in the capital markets

• Investment management

• management of donor assets

• Planning for budgetary control and donor funds systems

• Planning, implementation and Budgeting control

• Preparation as well as interpretation of financial reports and statements for donor funds

• Provision of fiscal and info systems

• Quality assurance as well as compliance monitoring

• Regular monetary reporting and independent audits

• Revenue planning & money management

• Risk monitoring and management frameworks

• Procurement management

• The functions in the managing of donor funds

• The objective of the donor funds

• Anti-Corruption and Governance (GAC) agenda

• access and Disclosure to info


  • All the participants should be conversant with the English language.
  • All our courses involve a mix of one on one presentations, web based tutorials, group discussions, and practical exercises.
  • All courses can be tailor made and adjusted to meet the client’s needs.
  • We have a team of professional experts who work as professionals and trainers in their respective fields.
  • Each participant will get an Uphilos Consultancy certificate, upon completion of each course.
  • All our training sessions are held at Uphilos Center. For groups above five people we can train at any location in Kenya, above ten people any location within East Africa, and above twenty people at any location as per the client’s specifications.
  • Participants will be responsible for their travel, dinner, airport transfers, and other personal expenses.
  • Accommodation will be arranged upon request at a discounted price.
  • All payments should be made two weeks prior to the training for better logistics. Proof of payment should be sent to [email protected]
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